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In order to provide flexibility to our business model, Tamkali work together with other professional associates as well as strategic partnerships (Canadian and international) to ensure we are able to supply specialist services, or expert services in all sectors, all over the world.



We are pleased to announce that Tamkali Limited and SDT Cost Management will be working together more closely from February 2018.

This is very exciting news for both companies as well as our clients, as our greatest strength have always been our technical people. By joining forces with SDT Cost Management Services we have just made a substantial increase in the quality of that asset.

Sorina du Toit, herein representing SDT Cost Management Services will be joining Tamkali Limited as a Senior Associate Consultant.

Well known for her professional acumen, Sorina is a versatile and experienced Project Services Specialist with twenty years global experience and a track record of proven success in planning, estimating, developing and maintaining budgets, contract management, and procurement. She has local as well as international experience in the retail, infrastructure, mining, clean energy, nuclear, transmission and distribution, biochemical and thermal sectors. Complimentary to her years of experience in the industry she also has various affiliations with professional institutions that exist to promote quality of service and leadership, and she is a respected public speaker that regularly presents on various topics within the industry.

We believe that through this expansion to our team, Tamkali Limited will be even better positioned to serve our clients’ needs and increase our capacity to provide Project Development and Control Services to help achieve predictable outcomes, and deliver projects with "CONTROLLED OUTCOMES."


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We care for our clients' business as much as we care for our own. Over the years, Tamkali has been working with some of the world’s biggest organizations with one aim: to improve our professional service- and value offering and through this we deliver successful projects, compliance as well as repeat business. As the sphere of influence and recognition of the importance of the Project Services- and Cost Consultant grows, and maintaining all aspects of the services we provide, it becomes imperative to retain people talent within our business. Our access to quality- and experienced people is what makes us successful. It is also why our clients would recommend us to others. We go the distance to not only to retain talent and experience, but we interact through "training-on-the-job" strategies so that valuable experience can be transferred between staff members, and systematically building lasting relationships on all levels.