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Expert Witness Services

As an independent consultant we offer substantial experience in all commercial related matters in construction, engineering and mining projects.

Where disputes arise on construction projects we are often relied upon to solve those issues on good authority and credentials.

Our experience as well as our insight have added substantial value on the projects we have worked on and which includes a large variety of construction and engineering disputes across the Americas and Africa.

Our team offers clear direction on all manner of issues including:

  • delay and disruption,
  • project management and construction management,
  • disruption-related costs,
  • appraising variations,
  • insurance-related work and
  • compensation events.


Prevention is cheaper than cure.

We can be involved during the early stages of negotiation, or pre-action to arbitration or litigation to prevent costly disputes.

We provide independent expert determinations, reports as well as expert witness services.

Being independent it gives greater certainty on the many burning questions found in construction disputes. Our in-depth experience in delivering both oral and written evidence in litigation, arbitration and adjudication proceedings is sought after in Canada.

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