Independent Certifier

Tamkali provides independent representation to support clients in fulfilling roles such as Independent Certifier and Owner’s Representative.

The current construction environment is placing greater emphasis on the need for agile, multi-skilled cost control professionals on projects, rather than relying on traditional "reactive management" and cost reporting.

An Independent Certifier / Payment Certifier is someone jointly appointed by the two parties of a contract/deed/agreement for lease to provide critical expertise during the construction phase of a project to ensure compliance with the project brief/contractual obligation and provide dispute resolution services where required.

If appointed in such roles, Tamkali can provide the following at a minimum:

  • Inspect the construction site and monitor the work in progress
  • Measure and certify work as complete
  • Making a recommendation of payment by the client to the contractor
  • Make an assessment whether the project is to be finished on time and within budget
  • Quantify project extras in terms of time and money
  • Provide independent progress reporting to the parties
  • Act as an independent to make informed decisions required for clarification and recommendations on any disputes
  • Attend any performance tests during commissioning of systems and services and advise of any rectifications (if required)

Our team of experts offers very attractive credentials and experience in the construction industry and have acted as independent certifiers on various small, medium and large capital projects.

This service is highly recommended to clients as well as contractors as it provides a finger on the pulse, in real-time where the project is heading and avoiding any unwanted surprises in terms of interim payments and payment certifications.