Developing cost structures.

Our skilled and experienced staff are able to combine historical data with most estimation techniques to assist our clients through various phases of concept- and project development.

Typical estimating services include:

  • Basis of estimate formulation
  • Detailed material take offs (MTO's)
  • Quantification and appraisal of work
  • Calculation of estimated direct- and indirect construction cost based on early conceptual information
  • Measurement- pricing and preparation of capital estimates & feasibility studies
  • Auditing of direct capital cost, man-hours etc.
  • Benchmarking and performance management
  • Project man-hour monitoring services
  • Managing the risk of increased cost factors and trade-off studies
  • Provide 'Order of Magnitude' costs for construction projects
  • Refine, monitor and control costs during design development
  • Contingency management and calculation
  • Escalation calculation and simulation
  • Productivity allowances and forecast

Studies - Project Evaluation and Investment Assessments

​Our services during this portion of the project life-cycle, when the project is technically and commercially evaluated, from economic feasibility study through to submission and sanction of the Project and Budget include:

  • Project Scoping Document and Study / Project Plan Development
  • Financial appraisal of project designs from early preliminary to final issue providing value engineering and cost comparison studies
  • Preparation of Order of Magnitude, Pre-feasibility and Feasibility Study Estimates
  • Detailed Capital and Operational Cost Estimates
    Risk Analysis and Contingency Application
  • Independent Project Audits and Peer Reviews
  • Contracting and Procurement Strategy
  • Study Cost Management and Cost Control
  • Study Contract Management and Administration
  • Study Change Management