Our service delivery is focussed on helping organizations progress toward more informed decision making on capital project spending as well as more effective ​project delivery and controls by project teams, leading to increased certainty, value and performance throughout the development life cycle of assets.

As an independent provider of project development and controls we offer a range of services to control project cost, manage- and support any type of project from initial capital funding acquisition stage right through to project close-out stage.

Throughout the project life cycle, we are committed to provide clients with solid advice to support their ability to make decisions with clarity and with confidence.

Our innovative leadership, coupled with our experience and ability to recognise change and stay abreast of technological innovations, enables us to add value to any project for our Client's benefit.

At Tamkali we pride ourselves to develop and implement industry leading project processes and methodologies, and we proudly provide professional project development services to clients who are stakeholders in or who directly invest in capital projects.

We work collaboratively with all stakeholders and project consultants to achieve fit-for-purpose and sustained solutions while providing solid advice.

We undertake each project assignment and client engagement with an approach to add value and to support our clients in achieving sustained, reputable project delivery methods.

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At Tamkali we specialize in providing consulting and support services in :

Project Capital Investment Process:

Best Practice based advice, policy, procedure and tools for use as a corporate Capital Investment System to ensure Project Pipeline effective and consistent evaluation and management.

Independent Study and Project Reviews, focused on on governance, effectiveness and compliance.

Project Process Optimization & Audits to support effective decision making and to provide a single point of "project truth".

As an independent consultant we offer a range of services to control project cost, manage and support any type of project from its capital funding acquisition stage right through to project close-out stage.

It goes without saying that our total value proposition and efforts are done in such a way that we add value to any project, no matter in what stage of development it may be.

Achieving Project Objectives with better Project Development and Control Services  

Our clients aim to grow and expand their business by investing in or owning and operating assets through a single project or by a portfolio of investment projects which add new assets or expand and improve their existing assets on a regular basis.

To achieve this, the scope of work associated with each project is to be delivered in a safe manner, on time, on budget and to the quality specified. Success of projects are measured not only by achieving these parameters, but also measured by how such an asset reaches or exceeds what it is intended to deliver or produce commercially.

So what does the Project Development and Control services, provided by Tamkali, have to do with achieving these objectives?

  • Our estimating services plan, develop and compile cost estimates as an integral part of the project engineering, design and execution plan by identifying all the resources required for a successful budget development.
  • We start out with the end use in mind.
  • Our cost management takes a forward looking approach to keep your projects on-track and on-budget, realizing the full potential of a properly managed budget.
  • Our project change management and control provide clarity on the project evolution throughout the study and project execution life cycle.
  • Our procurement and contract administration services integrate long and short term supply chain strategy with project specific needs, project commitment, cost, schedule and change management.
  • Our quantity surveying keeps tabs on the overall project progress and work completed and forecast.
  • Our project reporting and information management provides to the point up to date reporting with an integrated system approach

Project Controls and Capital Investment Standards

Reputable successful project development and control thrives on the development and adoption of a fit-for-purpose system for managing your capital investment cycle, based on industry best practice consisting of appropriate policy, procedure and tools, which ensure effective evaluation and management of the planned project or lager projects pipeline.

Our overall objective, is to establish and ensure adoption of standardised and structured methodologies, processes, procedures, documents and systems to govern the management of capital projects, facilitating increased efficiency in project management with streamlined information. A fit-for-purpose Project Development/Management System (PDMS) once established provides accurate and timely information to project leadership for more informed decision making.

Controlled Outcomes on projects are better achieved through experience and by applying solid principles.

Don't re-invent the wheel. Just re-align it!

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